“A game changer for our business: Rahul drives traffic and conversion success.”


Director of Technology

Hi, I am Rahul Bhatia.

A results-driven marketer who can help you uncover new opportunities for organic growth.

Featured on SEO Notebook as "David vs. Goliath SEO: Advice From Unknown SEO Who's Killin' It"

I can help you maximize your ROI in three key ways:

  • By implementing tested SEO strategies that will drive targeted organic traffic to your website

  • By utilizing my proven CRO process that is guaranteed to increase conversions, boost sales and drive revenue.

  • Through strategic content planning, backed by comprehensive keyword and competitor research.

The Big Problem


But most companies lack strategies, process and execution

to make sure their SEO efforts drive massive results.

  • The hit-or-miss approach to SEO is not only costly in terms of wasted efforts and resources, but it also costs you valuable time.

  • Don’t let your competitors outrun you, while you’re still struggling to gain traction. Every second wasted on hit-or-miss SEO efforts is an opportunity for them to gain a stronger online presence and establish authority in search engines.

  • With a proven 9+ years of experience in the industry, I specialize in delivering effective SEO strategies that drive results. I have successfully helped brands recover from Google penalties and achieve significant growth through organic channels.



The Secret to Long-Term Success without Paid Advertising

Achieve long-term growth with my proven 4-step Organic Growth Process that has delivered results for 80% of my clients.

Steady and sustainable growth is the key to truly scaling your business and achieving success in the long-term, as opposed to chasing the myth of overnight success.

  • #1

    Maximize Online Potential

    Get ahead with my SEO & CRO Audit. Your website’s success is my top priority.

  • #2

    Uncover hidden insights

    Unlock hidden insights with my Customer Research & Competitor Analysis.

  • #3

    Achieve business goals

    Maximize your online potential with my proven Content Strategy.

  • #4

    Drive revenue growth

    Watch your revenue grow with my Conversion Rate Optimization techniques.

  • 01

    SEO & CRO Audit

    The Customer comes first. The Search Engine comes second. You can’t rank #1 with a broken website and outdated content. First step is to find out whether your website and content is eligible for SEO growth. If not, I will help you fix it.

  • 02

    Customer Research & Competitor Analysis

    Customer Research and Competitor Analysis form the foundation of my SEO strategy. Identifying the right keywords is crucial for success. By studying the strategies of successful competitors, I can uncover hidden insights and replicate their success for your business.

  • 03

    Content Strategy

    Let’s turn insights into action by utilizing a combination of strategic content planning and data-driven SEO techniques. Together, SEO and content marketing are essential for driving business growth. Let’s make your content work for you and achieve your business goals.

  • 04

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    SEO alone is no longer enough for revenue. CRO converts website traffic into leads and sales. I will help you Improve user experience and conversion rate to drive revenue from existing traffic. SEO and CRO together lead to better website ROI and conversions.

Business Growth


I don’t just fix 404s. I make a business impact.

Don’t let bad SEO decisions cost you. Imagine investing total $30,000, or $5,000 per month, with an agency that implemented the wrong strategy for half a year without any significant increase in traffic or conversions. Not only did you lose that money, but you also missed out on potential growth opportunities. Allow me to help you regain market share and stop losing ground to your competition.

  • 142k Keyword Rankings

    Achieved 5k to 1,42,000 Keyword Rankings in 6 months

  • 5x Revenue Growth

    Increased conversion rate by 75% in 60 days for an ecommerce brand

  • 2 Million+ Views

    Crossed 2 Millions+ Content Views on Quora using Content Strategy

  • 10X Traffic Growth

    Achived 10x Organic Growth for a Heath & Beauty Brand in 12 Months

The Impact of My Work


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Let's work together

Unlock an Extra 10% in Revenue with my proven SEO and CRO Strategies

I help businesses increase their revenue by scaling organic growth and maximizing conversions.


  • Uncover untapped growth potential

  • Competitor analysis and insights

  • Customized plan of attack to boost ROI

  • Pricing estimate and expected ROI