From Losing 80% to Gaining 1169.18%: The Chemical-Free Beauty Brand Blog Visitors’ Success Story




Chemical-Free Beauty Brand

Our client who is a chemical-free beauty brand delivers high-performance, plant-powered solutions backed by science. Featuring 100% vegan hair care, skincare, face, and body grooming essentials for your lifestyle.



Their website got hit by Dec,2020 Google update and lost 80% of the organic traffic.

They wanted to recover and scale their organic traffic channel.

They had over 200 blog posts on their website but were only ranking for branded keywords. Non branded traffic was almost non-existent.

The client invested a lot of money in seo and their content wasn’t reaching its target audience at scale in order to maximise its brand exposure from organic search.



Phase 1: Website, Backlinks and Content Audit

We did in-depth technical audit and identified major speed and crawling issues.

We did backlinks audit and identified presence of toxic domains which were potentially the reason of drop from the google update. We disavowed the toxic domains via search console.

We did content audit and identified Pages that were nearly ranking, i.e. low-hanging fruit

  • Pages that had potential, but were poorly optimised
  • Pages that tried to target too many “intents” and needed breaking apart to target separate topics
  • Multiple pages around the same topic that could be merged together
  • Dead pages that offered no value to users and search engines

We then prioritised pages in the content audit based on getting the quickest increase in traffic possible.

Phase 2: Technical fixes and Content Optimization

The execution. Over the next few months, we implemented our content optimisation process on existing pages in priority order of potential traffic and time to rank after implementing optimisation.

We recommended changes to the existing theme which was extremely slow and got rid of unnecessary pages/collections which were eating up the crawl budget.

We merged similar content topics together and added FAQs to improve relevancy of the content.

We made changes to the existing content and made sure they had the right search intent.

We did intensive keyword research and made sure each existing page was getting optimized for the right keyword with right search intent.

Phase 3:  Scaling Content

Once our existing technical and content issues were taken care of, we planned to scale content on the blog.

We individually connect with over 1000 writers via Linkedin and created a pool of highly efficient writers. In the first month of our scaling content, we published 200 articles and continued with the aggressive publishing velocity over next few months.

We highly focused on internal linking and created infographics for all our popular content. Adding custom infographics helped us get significant number of clicks and impressions via Google images.

It also improved the overall engagement of the content.

Phase 4: Analytics & optimization

We dug deep into Google Analytics and search console data to figure out what’s working in our favour and capitalized by using data points for optimization.

We rewrote the content that had high bounce rate and poor user experience and updated all content that had issues with quality.

Phase 5: Domain Switch – The big challenge

While we recovered from the Google Update drop and were on a growth trajectory, the client wanted to switch their domain from to

We switched the domain in Jan,2022 and put lot of efforts to make sure our prior SEO work didn’t go in vain. We were able to take the new domain on a tremendous growth trajectory over next 12 months.



  • 77% growth in new organic visitors on the website in 12 months (Website Organic Growth: 109k to 613k organic visitors)
  • 1169.18% growth in new blog visitors on the website in 12 months (Blog Section Organic Growth: 44k to 559k organic visitors)
  • Over 1 Million organic clicks and 85 million impressions achieved in 12 months
  • Organic keyword rankings grew from 3.8k to 180k rankings in 24 months
  • Monthly Organic traffic value grew from $684 USD to $72.3k USD in 24 months.




The Chemical-Free Beauty Brand case study demonstrates the success of a comprehensive SEO strategy. The client’s website lost 80% of its organic traffic due to a Google update but with the help of a thorough audit, technical fixes, content optimization, content scaling, and analytics-based optimization, the website was able to achieve a 460.77% growth in organic visitors, 1169.18% growth in blog visitors, and a significant increase in organic keyword rankings and monthly organic traffic value.

The successful domain switch to further solidified the website’s growth.